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About Air Lift Performance 3

Air Lift Performance Three is the application you need to live your #lifeonair.

The excellent partner to Air Lift Performance’s 3H and 3P control systems, the Three application is the mobile, handheld controller option you wish for your life on air. Create height and air pressure adjustments on the fly, right from your phone, for the excellent look and ride each time.

Interface matches handheld-controller, so it’s simple to switch between the two
Easy to set height and/or pressure presets
Single-tap and double-tap option for switching between presets
Quick, at-a-glance display of current height and/or pressure values
Horizontal orientation available at a turn of the wrist
Update manifold and controller software over the air via Bluetooth connectivity*
And much more!

Have questions, problems, or feedback? Contact Air Lift’s Customer Service squad at 1.800.248.0892, or on the web at

*Improved Bluetooth Connection On Android device 10+ Devices
NOTE: An Android device device running Android device Nine or earlier OR an iOS device is needed to perform the update. Once the ECU update is complete, you will be able to pair your Android device 10+ device.

We apologize for any inconvenience that you may have experienced with your ability to connect your Air Lift Performance 3H manifold through Bluetooth to your Android device 10+ device. The problem lies within how Bluetooth is now architected on Android device 10. This causes a compatibility problem with the manifold software and not the App. We are diligently working on a Windows10 PC solution that uses Bluetooth to connect to the manifold and allows a user to update all needed software layers. This fix will only need to be run once and all future updates can be completed with an Android device 10+ device.

While we are working on this PC based fix, we can offer an alternative solution for updating your manifold software. To execute this update, you will need to have access to an Android device Nine or earlier device or any iOS device. Using 1 of these devices, install the ALP3 Application and follow the instructions below in order to resolve connection problems with your Android device 10+ device.

Updating Instructions:
1) Pair the older Android device or iOS device to the manifold. Turn on Bluetooth pairing within the 3H Display then begin the ALP3 Application on the device, click the Gear icon and then Explore Manifolds. Click on your manifold to pair to it.
2) Once connected to the manifold with the older Android device or iOS device, enter the Settings menu on the App
3) Click “About” and then click “Check for firmware update”
4) On the pop-up that says "No update available. Update firmware anyway?", click Yes to force an update.
5) Click on Update in the bottom right of the screen
6) Click No Display to start the manifold update
7) Once the update is complete, disconnect the older Android device or iOS device by force closing the App
8) Re-pair your Android device 10+ device by following the process in step One

New Features: Improved Bluetooth Connection On Android 10+ Devices <br>Minor App Improvements.<br>In-App product registration makes it easier than ever to register your manifold.

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Author: Air Lift Company File Name: com.airliftcompany.alp3 Category: Maps & Navigation
Added Version: 1.3.4 Content Rating: Everyone Game type: Apk


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